About Telenor Norway AS

Telenor Norway is the largest provider of telecommunication and data services in Norway. With their mobile and fixed networks, they provide services in telephony, broadband and cable TV to residential and business customers across the country. Telenor also sell services to other telecom operators. Telenor have 4200 employees in over 30 work locations around Norway, including Svalbard. Telenor’s headquarters is located at Fornebu in Bærum.

Business issues

Telenor uses BlueCielo Meridian to manage all as-built technical documentation of their assets as well as controlling the document workflow in ongoing maintenance and newbuilding projects. Most of the maintenance and newbuilding projects are handled in separate project vaults, using BlueCielo Meridian Publisher functionality to publish as-built information as well as electronically signing documents. Telenor has also integrated their BlueCielo solutions with other business critical solutions.

How Telenor uses BlueCielo solutions

Telenor implemented BlueCielo Meridian and BlueCielo Meridian Publisher integrated with AutoCAD and internal business systems to achieve the following key benefits:

  • Centralized storage of as-built documentation
  • One-click document access from other business solutions
  • Controlled workflow in maintenance and newbuilding projects
  • Portal where external suppliers delivers and work directly with documents in Meridian
  • On demand plot to email functionality of all technical documents